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Wizardry 8

Wizards and Warriors— Races List

Here are the ten races of the Gael Serran. This page deals strictly with the individual races; for help in combining them to create the perfect character, go to the Class Changing page.


Every character begins in a basic class, and they can choose only one of these. Once a character chooses another class, they can never go back to a basic role.

Appearance Race Attribute bonuses Trait Notes
Human Human No bonus or penalties Natural Leader Humans can fit any role well. Their leadership abilities make them exceptional Paladins. The more diverse the character's interests, choosing a Human begins to make much more sense.
Elf Elf Str -1, Agi +1, For -1
Int +2, Pre -1
Quick Learner Elves learn very quickly, making them valuable in any complex profession. Warlocks, Ninjas and Assassins, Bards, Rangers, and Samurais might enjoy this bonus more than other classes.
Dwarf Dwarf Str +2, Agi -2, For +1
Int -1
War Cry Dwarves make intimidating Warriors, Barbarians, and Paladins. Other fighters might find the lack of speed bothersome.
Gnome Gnome Str -2, Dex +2, For -2
Pre +2
Lucky Charm Any Rogue, Ninja, Bard, or Assassin is well served by the Dexterity bonus and the Lucky Charm trait; however, Gnomes would also serve well as Wizards and Warlocks for the same reasons.
Pixie Pixie Str -3, Agi +3, For -2
Spr +2
Dodge Pixies would make better Wizards if they received an Intellect bonus. They do make great spellcasters though. Don't expect a pixie to carry much!
Ratling Ratling Str -2, Dex +2, Agi +2, For -3
Int +1
Gold Digger Ratlings have a knack for finding good treasure, making them the best Rogues, Ninjas, Assassins, and Bards. They need help carrying their loot back to town.
Lizzord Lizzord Str +2, Dex -2, Agi +2
Wil -2
Snakeskin The Lizzord makes a most effective straightforward basher. The penalty to Dexterity makes them less useful as Samurais and Rangers.
Whiskah Whiskah Str -1, Agi +2, For -1
Spr +1, Wil -1
Night Vision Whiskahs have much of the Agility of Pixies without the severe penalty to Strength and Fortitude. This makes them good in skilled fighting classes like the Samurai, Ranger, and Ninja.
Gourk Gourk Str +2, For +2
Int -2, Pre -2
Bloodscent Gourks exemplify the "Me Bash You Good" personification. Don't expect them to cast spells or learn much of the art of the dodger. An angry Gourk can make for an unstoppable bloodthirsty Barbarian, however.
Oomphaz Omphaaz Str +3, Dex -3, Agi -4
Int +2, Spr +2
Mana Seed Omphaaz, despite their incredible strength, make the most natural Wizards and Priests, and Warlocks in turn. The Mana Seed trait only underscores this, as their mana returns quickly. They tend to be very clumsy combatants and thieves, and may only wear armor specially fitted to their huge frames.



Yes, gender makes a minor difference in character creation:

  • Males receive a +1 bonus to Strength and to Fortitude, and
  • Females receive a +1 bonus to Agility and to Presence.