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Obviously, you will need a copy of Might and Magic World of Xeen to play this mod. If you do not own a copy, or if it has been lost for God knows how long (and where), you may purchase a copy of this game legally, and Digital Rights Management free, at They have a tremendous deal which allows you to purchase the first 6 games in the Might and Magic series for ten bucks. If this wasn't enough, if you sign up as result of clicking this link, you can help keep this website online.

World of Xeen Monster Spawn Mod— Log of Modifications

Purposes and Aims

This modification is for Might and Magic combat lovers. It introduces the hardcore elements of Might and Magic 2 to World of Xeen. Monsters will stay dead... but only for a time. Secondarily, I have attempted to improve the gameplay of Xeen by balancing the weaponry/spells/monsters, while adding a few features along the way. Care has been taken to balance the difficulties of the Darkside with Clouds side, so a thirty-minute excursion to the Darkside won't ruin a party's experience on the Clouds side.

There is a Let's Play/Tutorial series in development for the Monster Spawn Mod by Endarire. He calls it the "World of Xeen Epic Remix Mod". That works . Watch Endarire here.

Version 1.0 Changes

Scenario-wide changes

  • Many outdoor maps have different monster types added, to make exploration more interesting.
  • Almost all maps have a random chance to respawn all non-unique monsters automatically when the party walks over certain squares.
  • Additionally, most maps respawn when you leave them.
  • Clouds of Xeen side has a steeper gradient of difficulty, so you may need to journey to the Darkside before moving on with the Clouds side.
  • Many events and quests on the Darkside have the Experience reward reduced, so as to balance out the rewards with the Clouds side.
  • Becoming a Disciple of Bark is less amazing now (still, +5 to all stats for all characters is pretty darn good.)

New events and map-specific changes

  • Rumor has it that it's even more of a milestone to get Newcastle constructed...
  • Robert the Burgler has been added in the town of Vertigo! He'll teach you Thievery skill if you lack a natural brigand in your party makeup... if you got the gold.
  • The Gemstone weaponsmiths now can make any weapon or armor out of their respective material. Before, they could only make 9 of the 33 (non-Xeen-Slaying) weapons, or the 7 torso armors.
  • The copy protection event, which asks for a specific word in the manual, is removed from its locations. This affects Vertigo's exit, Castleview's exit, and entrance to Castle Burlock.
  • The top floor (1st level) of the Dungeon of Death, has been removed.

Character development

  • Statistics are much more important to the power of a character now. You won't notice much difference until you reach 50 in your stats.
  • You will be able to see the statistic's bonus easily when you click on stats in the status screen. No more vague "Very Low" or "Astonishing" monikers.
  • Archers are now Samurai and class capabilities are re-cast. A couple of other classes are renamed, but otherwise are unchanged.
  • Characters generally have higher HP/MP, but attack less often per round.
  • Each class has an initial skill, and every race has an initial skill.
  • There are a few Druid-only spells. The Druid spell set actually has a use now.


  • Spells are also meticulously re-balanced. Heal spells are much more effective. Clerics used to not be able to cure their party fully, yet full resting was achieved with food and 8-hours sleep. Does that make sense??
  • The Suppress Poison and Suppress Disease spells have been removed from the game. In their place: Remove Curse and Mental Integrity.
  • The Heroism spell only adds a flat +10 to a character's To Hit rating... not a value equal to the caster's level. This spell used to be absurdly powerful.


  • Weapons and Armor are exhaustively rebalanced. Bows in particular have been made more useful.
  • Blacksmiths sell better merchandise. You'll want to buy some of those beauties in Shangri La, Castle Kalindra, Olympia...
  • Equipped armor breaks when a character is knocked below -80 HP (before this threshold was -10 HP).
  • It is now possible to receive Sapphire, Diamond, or Obsidian bows in random loot.
  • Characters can equip up to 4 rings and any number of amulets now.

Monsters and Battle System

  • Monsters have been powered up. Epic battles may be much more commonplace. In my testing, I was often *afraid* when I met a new creature. As it should be
  • Bosses have been especially powered up. For instance, don't expect to take the Yak Master out on your first trip in that dungeon... you will likely be disappointed with the results.
  • There are even a few new monsters on the roster.
  • The effects of elemental resistance have been subtly tweaked.
  • Damage output is changed. You can see differences in damage in x2 increments... starting at 8 damage. You won't see monster-sized splats until you begin doing 1024 damage in a hit.


  • Unlocking doors gives less experience.
  • A year is 240 days long, allowing for longer lifespans for your characters.
  • A normal step outside takes 3 minutes (before it took 10 minutes).
  • A visit in most shops and town businesses takes 1 hour (before this took 1 day).
  • Training one character costs 6 hours (before, this took 1 day).
  • Many trainers will train your characters to higher levels (especially the trainers on the Clouds side. They were nigh about useless before).


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Praise and Feedback for the World of Xeen Monster Spawn mod

Quite unexpectedly, this MOD the same author with the previous MODE as happened to the bears in the same spirit How else, I suggest you read the readme.

—, Featured [ Link » ]

First of all let me say : Thank you very much for your wonderful job. I played MM4/5 for a really long time... with your mod I see me back 25 years ago.

Secondly... As I'm french I would like to translate your mod in French. ...

Changing "suppress poison" and "suppress disease" and replace them by "cure curse" and "mental integrity" is really very good. In some case this spells are very useful, more than the two others that I never used after knowing the "phyrna root".

Changing the time for Shops, Training, walk outside,...... very good.

I already spoke about the "respawn" of the "small" monsters specially near Vertigo, but I was very suprized to see a Minotaur in the north west part of the map before I was strong enough against "it". Same, when you arrive for the first time in Sandcaster and when you see a Mystic Mage, a Wizard and a Sorceress, you have no chance to left alive.

Very good also to let Priest (Cleric) and Wizard use Missile Weapons. Maybe Robbers and/or Priest could use at least crossbow.

Wonderful to have the possibility to create Helmet, Shields, .....with Ruby, Emerald, .....

This Mod is a wonderful Idea, and I would like work with you for other mods on Xeen and, why not, another game using the interpretor of Xeen, or, at least, expand this world by adding more "maps". I think that adding just a row or a column, with one town and one or two dungeons, on the general map would be a funny thing.

— Zoltic, Accomplished coder and Might and Magic enthusiast

I just wanted to write you a quick note to say "Thank you!" for releasing the respawn mod for World of Xeen. I always found the game incredibly fun but I bit too easy. Since I've never completed the entire story, it's brought back a new passion to playing this (and other) games back into my life.

Thank you for all the effort in developing this mod. Although I've found a few respawn bugs in the Dwarf mines, it's only caused a few rage-quits which are acceptable.

Having a blast! Thanks again!

— J

Wow!! This game is really difficult to mod due to its age (Among other things) I'm a fan of it and bought it when GOG offered it. I'm going to try your mod right now. Thanks and congrats for the work!

— Antonio Robles

Copyright notice/disclaimer/placating remarks

World of Xeen was originally copyright 1993, by New World Computing, Inc. The rights to Might and Magic currently are owned by Ubisoft. The files provided on this site are provided in the hopes that World of Xeen can be further enjoyed by the active Might and Magic community. I do not intend to go into competition with Ubisoft, nor do I make a profit off of the Might and Magic name. If Ubisoft objects to the existance of these files on my site, I will remove them promptly.

I have not provided this mod in patch form, as it extensively modifies three files (DARK.CC, XEEN.CC, and XEEN.DAT). These files contain intellectual property that was originally copyright 1992 and 1993 by New World Computing, and is currently held by Ubisoft. This is merely a convenience, and I do not claim any rights to NWC's/Ubisoft's intellectual property. As always, I have not provided my work for financial profit.