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Hello. My name is Jeff, and I am a video game addict. . . Hi Jeff

Ahem. Thanks. And that’s why this site is here, basically. I wanted to showcase my favorite games… the games that have entertained me for years and inspired me to program. As this site is updated, expect to see resources for Final Fantasy 1, Final Fantasy 6, 7th Saga, Might and Magic 7, and maybe more. It honestly depends on how much time I get to put into video game modding, and whether I put it online or not .

Most of the Wizardry 8 and Wizards and Warriors information here was moved from However, I decided to focus Christian Coder more on video gaming with a Christian ethos, and use this space as my video game review and modding page.

VoE DXAnother of my projects is Voyages of Eternity DX. It is a full-featured, modular RPG system, built from scratch with Visual Basic 6.0 using DirectX 7.0 technology. I am looking for help especially from 2-D graphic artists who would make character portraits, and monsters to show up in battles. For more information on the project, and especially if you would like to help me on it, please visit the Voyages of Eternity website.

If I can make my downloadable content better, or if you’d simply like to sound off on the content of this site or video games in general, please feel free to contact me.

— ludmeister