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(Or... why does your website look like crap on IE6?!)

Because Internet Explorer 6 is not your friend. All kidding (mostly) aside, this site is best viewed with Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9+, Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer 7+. In designing it, I have decided to utilize PNGs (like the emoticon in this paragraph) and a couple of other stylistic display techniques that make IE6 and earlier versions retch and/or puke.

Very simplistically put: in the end, IE6- makes end-users sad. IE6 has been rendered obsolete, in my opinion, with the advent of Windows 7, which is a much more viable successor to Windows XP than Vista was. Vista ships with IE7; Windows 7 ships with IE8. As Windows XP becomes unsupported, IE6 will be unsupported as well. As IE6 becomes more and more obsolete, more web developers will use the more powerful and newer design techniques and technologies afforded by more functional browsers, and IE6- will make more and more people sad. May I recommend one of the above browsers as your go-to browser for surfing? Here's some links to the most recent versions of these browsers:

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As pertaining to the downloads and information found on this site, all reasonable care and effort has gone into making sure that the content presented is accurate, and free of error and malware. However, there may be errors that have escaped my notice. You assume all responsiblity for the consequences of using this website, whether taking my advice or using one of my programs. I cannot be held liable for damage done to your computer, sanity, or your saved games. When in doubt, backup your game files and save games!

All of the games here reviewed, modded, or otherwise featured are copyrighted property of their respective companies and creators, and I claim none of their intellectual properties. The modifications that I have made, and other original programming work is work done on my time and is not in any way to be associated with the actual games modified, or the company that created said games.

I have not introduced any malware into my files, and I have written no code in anything available for download here that sends me information about you. However, the information that I upload to you cannot be 100% guaranteed to reach you in the same condition as it was uploaded. That's just the nature of internet security; despite the presence of locks, you never know when an intrepid cyber-crook will break into your house. To this end, I urge you, as I do, to employ an Internet Security program that you trust to proactively help to keep your computer free of malware, as the internet can be a pretty nasty place these days; don't simply trust Windows Firewall to keep you safe...

February 28, 2012 Update: Kaspersky "riskware" detection

It has come to my attention via a concerned downloader who uses Kaspersky security software that it detects some of the modification downloads available on this site (and elsewhere on as malware (or "riskware"). What it is detecting is the .EXE files within the downloads, which is an executable patch for the ROMs to be modified; it is basically an IPS patch that has been converted to EXE format (via a program called IPS2EXE) so you do not require an IPS patching program to apply the mod. What Kaspersky detects exactly is called not-a-virus:HEUR:Risktool.Win32.Patcher.gen. Thus, according to Kaspersky, the download is *not* a virus, but rather a "patcher". I reiterate that these patches pose no threat, except that you might choose to patch the wrong file (a user error).

Here is a screenshot of Kaspersky detecting this:

Kaspersky screenshot

As a result, on March 2, 2012 a site policy change concerning downloads was instituted.

While these patches were not flagged by ESET Personal Security, or Microsoft Security Essentials, or Trend Micro, I have decided to act based on Kaspersky's reservations. I have therefore decided to remove all offending executable patches from all downloads available on this site, and from my listings on All of this has been completed.

I hope that these measures, coupled with the transparency and seriousness with which I have documented this fiasco, helps to assure you that I am committed to giving you risk-free downloads, and providing the very highest level of quality that I can. Thank you for your patience and goodwill.

If you like, you may also use the news item I posted on this subject to comment on this.

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