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Site policy change on downloads instituted

As a matter of convenience, ever since this site was launched I had been releasing my patches to various ROMs and executable files in .exe format (not .ips). This is because I had a tool which I used to convert the .ips patches I created to .exe format (called IPS2EXE). This convenience meant that you didn’t have to have any special know-how to patch your files; you simply needed to run the .exe and select the proper file to patch. You did not need a separate .ips patching program.

Unfortunately, while harmless (when run, they only patched the file you specified) those executable patches created by IPS2EXE have set off anti-virus/malware warnings. They were not flagged by ESET Personal Security, or Microsoft Security Essentials, or Trend Micro, but at present I am aware that Kaspersky Anti-Virus, at minimum, detected them as “Riskware”, but “not-a-virus”. I have therefore decided to remove all offending executable patches from all downloads on this site, and from my listings on All of this has been completed.

I hope that these measures, coupled with the transparency and seriousness with which I have documented this fiasco, helps to assure you that I am committed to giving you risk-free downloads, and providing the very highest quality that I can. Thank you for your patience and goodwill.


Posted on: 2012-03-02 08:44

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