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I am not certain how popular Wizards and Warriors ever was, but one thing is certain: they sure don't make them like this anymore. The emphasis is on character development, and there are very few characters that you cannot create, due to the rigorous class promotion system. The storyline is nothing new, but it does keep you interested in turning the next corner throughout the game, in my opinion. Few games have kept my attention for as long as Wizards and Warriors, due to the games incredible replay value.

There are very few critical bugs that spoil the fun, if the game is sufficiently patched. The one notable (annoying) exception is that the game dies ignobly if it loses the focus. This can happen for any of the common reasons: screensaver begins running, anti-virus program updates itself, you press Alt-Tab or Alt-Enter. Grrrr

At any rate, I offer this page to the online knowledge base for Wizards and Warriors. I have endeavored to keep the page as spoiler-free as possible, while giving as much info as possible about the item system, and the mechanics of creating powerhouse characters from the mere novices that they start out as. I hope it helps you get as much enjoyment out of the game as possible.

To check out the basic mod I created or the item editing tool, go to the downloads page. You can read more about the Item Editor here.

Lastly, if you have anything to add, or any suggestions for how to make this site better, feel free to contact me.

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