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Ludmeister's retro video game projects— Feedback, acclaim and testimonies

If I may be allowed to indulge in a bit of self-promotion, these are some of things people have told me about the projects featured here. Thank you to all of the many people who have left me positive feedback, and have offered constructive criticism. This has encouraged me to mod the games featured here, and helped to make the mods what they are. It's always great to know that people have appreciated my efforts and are enjoying the mods, and that tells me that it wasn't a waste of time to put them online. Again, thank you one and all for your kind words and support.


Great work on the game mods - I am seriously impressed by your efforts. I too am an avid gamer and spent time in seminary. Seems like we have a few things in common.

As fate would have it, I own a company that is hiring programmers; your skill set seems like it might fit. I wanted to drop you a quick note and see if you might be interested to talk further...

Let me know if you want to talk further. Even if the potential job is not of interest, I too work on game mods and perhaps we could collaborate for fun.

— Dave Schleppenbach, Entrepreneur and Avid Gamer

Nice site Jeff! I was googling video game mods to see what other sites out there and found yours. I'd be honored if you'd join our site and make some posts sharing your mod work! btw the design of your site is bad ass! anyway, I hope to hear from you soon.

— David, Website owner

I've been through [Wizardry 8] once or twice, but I still love looking through other people's help sites, and yours is the best I've found. I can tell you went through a great deal of effort in getting it right. I especially love your spell list where you can sort it by any factor you'd need. The one thing I've wanted is to be able to look at one spell type (psionic) and see what other classes can cast it, so I can find the psionic-only spells I need. Your site did wonders on that.

— Dave Lundgren

[re: Wizardry 8 information] Very nicely done maps, charts of Items, Spells, Gadgets, Bards Instruments, etc. with all items' and spells' data visible at a single glance.

— Flamestryke, Venerated Wizardry 8 veteran [ Link » ]

Breath of Fresh Fire 2

Just wanted to tell you that I loved the changes you made in this patch! I was curious if you were planning on adding in the Retranslation that was made for this game by another modder (for the SNES version). Trying to figure out a way to create the definitive version of this game!

— Rob

Jeff, I had a lot of fun with this mod to the original game, and I definitely think it made the whole experience better by improving the not so popular or useful characters. I just wanted to thank you for your work on this and drop some notes of interest on what I think of it. Kudos to making more equipment available to Rand, more shaman combinations with useful results across the board, and adjusting Nina so that she's not totally outclassed by Bleu. Jean in my playthrough was honestly about as useful as the Hero, of great surprise and joy to me. I'll definitely look into another one of your projects to play through when I have more free time, I'm looking at the Final Fantasy 5 one in particular!

— Larry

Hey Jeff. Your Breath of Fire fresh mod looks really cool. I never liked how certain characters (mainly Jean and Spar) were basically useless like Mogu on BOF1. Bosch also seems to get weak near the tail end of the game. Anyway I like the changes and I'm definitely gonna play BOF2 with your mod... Well I want to thanks again Jeff. I like what you've done.

— Niel Pratt

Hey, I'm really interested in playing BoF II with your mod applied since it has always needed a good re-balancing. It seems from your changelog that you've made some excellent changes. This is probably a silly question because I don't know how difficult it is to modify the game, but I was wondering if it would be possible for you to port your changes over to the SNES version. It's a shame that the experience of playing the game with your mod is brought down somewhat by the mangled music and graphics of the GBA version, as well as the inability to make use of the incredible SNES re-translation. In any case, thank you for you work towards making this great game reach its potential!

— Snowsprite

Destiny of an Emperor Ludmeister's Remix

MiDKnighT's nomination: Agility based attacks, DoaE2 damage, 8 tactics, each general using their own tactics, plus a completely revamped tactic system. Not to mention totally revamped weapons and armor.

Zhuge Liang's nomination: Ludmeister's Remix 2.0 - Of course, many improvements from this mod. I unhesitatingly nominate this.

— LordYuanShu Forums, Winner of 2011 Huo Hu Award Winners For Best DoaE ROMs: Best Battle System / Tactics modifications [ Link » ]

Awesome job. I am simply amazed. Only just started the game, the variety that you've put into the officers' stats, soldier count, and most of all tactics have placed different degrees of worth in previous pissholes like Song Yong.

— Stallion Fury [ Link » ]

Just reading on the site this mod looks very innovative. Looking forward to giving it a run.

Just looked at the tactic list. Kudos on the idea of "Blades" and "Cyclone". Never thought of adding a non-elemental damage class.

I actually started playing this once I re-released my mod. I just finished chapter 4. This is a really fun mod. My favorite things are:

  • The weapon/armor/helmet "remix"
  • The tactic "remix"
  • The agility based attacks, 8 tactics, etc... are great of course...
  • The treasure chest "remix"
  • Some of the new characters with soldier growths. Guan Suo is a *manimal* Yuan Shao is pretty good too. My current party is: Yuan Shao, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Guan Suo, * Xu Shu, Huo Hu (just carrying stuff)

All of these "remixes" offer some uniqueness to the game play that we haven't seen much so far.

This mod definitely favors good tactic users (so far) in my opinion (although Lu Bu or Zhang Fei with a good weapon is pretty good). But that's not a bad thing, just different. To illustrate this point I didn't even use guys like Zhou Cang. I preferred sticking with someone who could use tactics (like Guan Ping). I'm also finding myself spamming my best attack tactic (Blades right now) with everybody except Zhang Fei.

On a side note, kinda weird fighting Yuan Shang with Yuan Shao in my party. Daddy is laying down some beatdown on his son

Hopefully at some point you are inspired to do a mod with a new cast of characters (besides Liu Bei and the gang). I think we're due for a good Wu mod no?

... Overall well done sir. Enjoyed it. Here's to your future Wu mod...

— MiDKnighT, Author of Yuan Shao mod [ Link » ]

Just conquered the game, and it was a fantastic mod overall. Letting officers using their own tactics proved quite useful since it allowed me to use Evade and Thwart at the same time, always gave me the initiative. The Agility Based Multi-attacks and 8 tactics functions were very interesting too, sometimes one of my generals could attack three times in one turn which shocked the enemies.

Hey I like your tactic list page. It has a general view on all of the available tactics, the newcomers will be satisfied with your effort.

— Zhuge Liang, Moderator of the forum [ Link » ]

Certainly a great pioneer w/ the new hacks Lud, but some balance issues are greatly needed as tactic users tend to surpass the non-tactic users in terms of damage potential super fast and early.

The unique officer tactics I found to be, overall, a fantastic idea and thus I ripped it off and put it into my Rise of Lu Bu mod which still needs to get posted here…

Anyways, great stuff Lud. Looking forward to seeing what other damage you can do in terms of coding!

— Sonic Penguin, Author of Rise of Lu Bu and Rise of Ieyasu mods [ Link » ]

Dragon Quest 5 DS Monster Trainer mod

Just tried your Draqon Quest 5 mod on DS and gotta say I LOVE it! Getting Metal Slime to my party from the cave where Zenithian sword lies was priceless :D Although this mod makes the game easier than it already was. More money and stronger monster from the get-go really shows the difference. But its still a fun game, on hands down the best DQ game ever. Cheers! Keep up the good work

— Mr H

Final Fantasy 1 and 2 Dawn of Souls Mod of Balance

The original FF1 on DoS was pretty easy. Jeff Ludwig decided to step things up a notch and make the "Mod of Balance", a ROM patch that boosts the difficulty of FF1, but adds numerous additions and alterations to both player and enemy characters to create a much more balanced game. It's pretty hard in the initial areas while getting to grips with the heightened miss rate, but evens out around post-promotion, creating quite an amusing experience. While the FF remakes are available on other platforms, this is the only one the Mod of Balance works on, making this entry somewhat of an oddball.

—, Featured [ Link » ]

The Mod of Balance for the Dawn of Souls version (Game Boy Advance remake), which changes things to not only make more sense (no Vox spell for starters) but retains the difficulty from the NES version.

— editor, Mention [ Link » ]

I like your hack of Final Fantasy DOS. It's like, it's everything the game should have been, and more!

— Colin

Wow. Thats all that can be said. I recently broke my back, leaving me with hours upon hours of time to kill. I broke out the old gameboy, and ran through all of the gba remakes i'd bought a year or two ago. While playing ff1, I realized how amazingly easy it was. Did a little search to see if others felt the same way, and found your patch. Man, this "remake" you've created is probably one of the most fun videogame experiences i've ever had. You single handedly increased the enjoyment i got from ff1 from approximatly 10 hours, to hundreds. Cant wait to try out the nuances of different parties, under all of these new parameters. Just want to say thanks. On a personal note, Im american, and these medical bills from the wreck have destroyed me. But at some point, when i get my finances in order, i'd like to hit you up with a donation, if only to help encourage you to rework other classics. I dont know the legality of that.. but i assume it'd be fine as long as it isnt a payment for your patch. Cart before the horse i suppose, but again, thanks for all the work you put in on this, brilliant ideas all around, hope to see more work from you in the future.

— Ryan

I have been playing your mod and have to say that this has surpassed any version of FF1 to date! (including the original) Keep it up!

— Matt

I've been pointed towards this hack by a friend of mine from the FF1 NES board on GameFAQs who has been hacking the NES ROM to balance the game out better. I am in awe of some of the changes you've made so far. I attempted something like this several years ago and was only able to figure out how to hack Garland's Long Sword drop (with help) and to map out the EXP tables. I never really got far with any of this. But this honestly looks like the best hack I've seen for any game. ... Sorry to rant like a fanboy, but well... I am a fanboy of FF1 and seeing a hack of this quality really gets me intrigued. So now I say thank you for your time and effort, and wish you success on your further endeavors into the game.

— Rabite

This is Michael Kiser in Cincy,Ohio and I just wanted to say WoW! Your Difficulty increase Balance is awsome! This is definately the way the Gba version should have been! I own the original gba us version,and the Nes version also... Long live RETRO Gamers! Take care, and thanks for your time! You are a credit to the gaming community,and if I was rich, I'd hire you and alot of others of like mind. The gaming world would never be the same!

— Michael Kiser

Yesterday I stumbled upon news of this mod from, and after trying it out I've been very impressed! Even a fight with a bunch of Goblins and Goblin Guards was exciting, and the fact that everyone can cast magic of some sort was very welcome. Congratulations on producing such a fine mod of a classic game!

— Michael

Thanks for making one of my favorite games of all time even better. The NES game was a few years before my time but i loved the GBA one when it came out, even if it was a bit easy. This gives it a whole new challenge great job man.

— Will

Thank you for all the hard work you've put into all of your mods and hacks Jeff! I felt like I was eight years old playing Final Fantasy 1 for the first time when I played your version of Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls. Your hacks/mods are the most professional I have ever played, Square-Enix would count themselves lucky to have a programmer of your skill.

— Andrew

Hi Jeff! Found your site a couple years back... Played through Dawn of Souls mod v. 1.0... Was hooked the second I saw the new Pain spell... Fanfriggintastic!!! Gonna check out version 2 as soon as I get done typing this up!

I noticed that you posted bunches of tables and notes just recently... Thanks for this! I just threw together a new computer (Wolfdale Celeron system for about a hundred bucks... will do 4ghz! ) capable of emulating the PSP version, and I would like to work on something similar, albeit less extensive. I'm certain your notes will be quite a boon.

Anyway, great site; great mod; thanks again! Peace!

— Keith

Hey Jeff, First I just really want to say I adore what you did for the Final Fantasy games with your mods. Particularly FF1; I've waited years for somebody to step forward and pump up the difficulty on that game to make it like it used to be back in the day, while still remaining technologically "up to date."

— Joshua Grant

I've played 2 or maybe 3 different version fo your FF 1 dawn of souls mod of balance and I gotta say I love it! Most of it to be honest…

— Senaattori

I have played a little bit of your MoB hack, and it is very enjoyable.

— Leviathan Mist, ROM Hacking contributor to Grond's Final Fantasy (NES)

Last week I stumbled upon your rom hacks and I'm loving the remake of Final Fantasy 1. I've toyed around with all sorts of hacks (NES versions), but I feel this is the best I've ever played. It's not stupid hard, nor does it change too many things: it just improves almost all the things I wish were in the original, ha! What I especially like is that it takes longer to level (biggest problem with GBA version) and that the money chests are practically necessary (brilliant!); makes dungeons a lot more interesting.

And I also have a bunch of suggestions, heh, but I won't bother you with them now. I'll first beat the game a second time. Thank you so much for making such a lovely grind! Godspeed!

— Robert August de Meijer, Author at

Wow this is awesome. I've actually used his other stuff, namely his Wizardry 8 mod. Me and this guy have the same ideas when it comes to these games.

I just tried the patch and I gotta say... already it's a lot more challenging. I got guys missing a whole bunch at the beginning, and getting knocked out... which makes sense because I'm level 1. =) Also, I notice money doesn't come as quickly as it used to, so buying a sword or a spell is a big deal now.

I really like how he made White Mages more akin to Clerics in the Dungeons and Dragons games. There was really no need for them to be so "weak" in the vanilla version, since all they could really do was heal. So basically if they weren't healing they weren't doing much fo anything, usually. This mod at least makes them "tanks", which is cool.

I'm also really liking all the abilities he's given Thieves and Monks, so they're more interesting, they can do more than just attack. I agree that there was really no use in calling them Thieves since they couldn't actually "thieve".

Red Mages are even better than before. Their magic has greatly improved, I see.

Black Mages are freakin' monsters now.

Great, great mod.

— John Dane, On version 1.2 [ Link » ]

Wow, this is awesome. Sure, it's not the way I'd have done it to the T, but it's still a whole lot of fun. Thanks Mr. Ludwig for all your hard work. =)

— John Dane, On version 2.0 [ Link » ]

Awesome. Trying it now. Just wanted to say thanks to the creator. Final Fantasy was also the game that cemented my love for the RPG genre…

Excellent job with this patch. This is truly remarkable.

— Flux Mega [ Link » ]

I LOVE this mod. I just finished it recently, I like the new spell compatibilities, and it really forces you to spend wisely in the early game.

— zeromk5 [ Link » ]

Been playing the new mod for a while. It has been great so far! Went through the game a couple of times on version 2.0. It's made the game much more interesting than the original GBA version, undoubtedly. Just downloaded 2.1 and will play to the end a few times for sure. ... The Mod has me playing the game when I was bored with the original.

— TDLeslie80 [ Link » ]

I've been playing this. This game feels a lot more modern with this patch... 10/10. <3 Good Patches

— BattleAxeRX [ Link » ]

This patch is pretty fun! I'm enjoying the level of difficulty. Those bonus dungeon bosses were really difficult the first time around. I think I may be shooting myself in the foot with the level of difficulty right now. I'm currently grinding speed pluses off of Poison Eagles. Not sure how high I want my agility to get but my black mage has 114 AGI at level 54. He was at 39 before I started pumping those roids lol. I probably should've given them to my white mage for more strategic healing. Oh wells, these poison eagles are dropping speed plus like its candy <3

— MikieIJ [ Link » ]

Final Fantasy 5 GBA Custom Classes mod

I've been using your custom class mod for the last few days, and have fallen deeply in love with it. I've been using it on a GBA emulator for Android phones.

— Justin Smith

Hi Jeff. What a pity that the Sound Restoration patch can only be used with European version, which is 16MB, while the US version is 8MB. The reason why the arthor can't make a patch for US version is the capacity limitation. Though the BGM is horroble when I play FF5A with my DS (it really murders my hearing), your mod is great I dare to say.

— axl_low

I appreciate everything what you've done for the games you've made mods for. I recently decided to give Final Fantasy V another go, but ever since I learned of your patch I knew my next play through HAD to be with Custom Classes applied.

I especially like the big change you've made: job distribution. It's refreshing to have access to ALL the jobs before you're even out of the first world!

— Josh B.

I've become interested in hacking FF5A to fix and tweak a number of issues with classes, similar to what you've done with your Custom Classes hack (which is great, by the way). ...

My question is: how did you actually edit the jobs as extensively as you did? From the acknowledgements page for Custom Classes, it appears that you used the GBA editor and SNES editor to investigate how they changed hex values, and made changes based on that. Do any of the values carry over from the SNES version of the game?

Other than [a few] things, Custom Classes is like a checklist of changes I have wanted for things that annoyed me in the original. If you put all this together by manually checking and tweaking hex values, to the point where even the order in which jobs are available change, well, hats off to you, that's impressive and a little insane (in a good way).

— Jordan Helin

Might and Magic 3 Isles of Terra Resources

I have copies of the decrpyted music (*.M) files from MM3 (thanks to Jeff). They don't play with the current player however, so you may need to investigate the unknown format.

— Cedric Busch, Accomplished coder and Might and Magic enthusiast [ Link » ]

This MOD is for true lovers of Might and Magic. Jeff is the creator Ludwig Ludmeister alias. It puts into play some hardcore elements that you will certainly enjoy it - monsters will not stay dead for long, so it definitely does not fall out of practice was Adjusted balance (balance) between weapons, spells and monsters in the game + was added a few improvements to the roads. Fixed the bug cap and experience in the arena. Finally, read the readme, there's a lot.

—, Featured [ Link » ]

Ultima 3 A New Exodus

I don't have time to digest all the changes of your mod and how they'd effect the game, but they all seem well-thought-out. Basically I wanted to write to say, "cool that people are still thinking about this oddly broken game"…

— carlmarksguy

Wizardry 1st Trilogy Rebalanced

Hey great work balancing these games. I Have an CF card PowerPak for SNES only and love every time a SNES game gets some new stuff. I thought Wizardry was so very hard already and look forward to "testing" your MOD on the trilogy soon for balancing.

— Dennis Fosburgh

Wizardry 8 Christian Coder's mod

Admittedly, the only mods I've ever used were the Christian Coder mod for Wizardry 8 and Brawl Minus, so I'm somewhat inexperienced...but the former added a lot to the game, and the latter is an absolute blast.

— NeutralDrow, Answering "Does modding cheapen games? [ Link » ]

The only ones I've done so far are the faster monster movement and the Christian Coder mod. The first one is fine if you prefer phased combat. The second, I've never had problems with, and enjoy immensely.

— NeutralDrow [ Link » ]

OMG ur using christian coder's mod, arent u?

— HugoLuman [ Link » ]

There isn't much that I can contribute to your mod or the wizardry legacy other than my thanks and gratitude for a job well done.

I have played the Wizardry series for many years, from Wizardry 1 through to the trilogy of Wizardry 6, 7 and 8.

The game play of Wiz 8 was great, and I played it through many times before, but the mod that I have installed from your site, and efforts, has introduced another level of play and excitement that has renewed the game for me. I truly enjoy this Moded creation of the Wizardry world.

As I saw this mod and read the changes....the thought suddenly occurred to me.....Can I take it!?!? OHHH, this is so pretty!!!! *proclaims Sgt Sparkles*

Thank you for sharing this with the fans of Wizardry!

— Tasoan Steel

I love your mod.

— Troy Thomas

Jeff, thank you for the mod for Wizardry 8. I've just started experimenting with it, and most of the changes that you've documented (or I've noticed) are welcome. I've been playing Wiz8 for a long time, and have completed multiple games. I even have a web page offering import parties from Wiz7...

Since I wrote, I've had more time to use your mod, and I like it even more.

— Rich Franzen

Hello. Just wanted to say I downloaded your mod a few days ago, and I must say, so far it is quite enjoyable. The new spells are a blast! I almost wanted to create a party of four pure casters just to see them all, but decided on foregoing the Psionic. Having a five member team makes levelling easier, and the sixth character isn't really missed at all. So, they consist of a Fighter, Rogue, Valkyrie, Alchemist, and Mage. Throughout the Monastery area, my Mage kicked the most ass with Burning Hands. He had about 80 kills, all while my poor Fighter and Valk had around 15 or so. My team is currently at level 10 right now, and have just finished the Monastery and Arnika, so I'm still fairly at the start of the game. Deadly Poison is my favorite spell so far. I cast power level 1 on a foe in the distance, have everyone attack someone else, and let the poison do the work. The enemy is killed rapidly without a single swing from my characters. Love it! I like the updated item appearances too, my fav being the IUF Access Cards. I see a lot have been taken from the Might and Magic series. Having beaten the unmodified version of Wizardry 8 at least 10 times with just about every combo of party imaginable, this mod is quite different, and, overall, far more fun. The spells are the strongest point, so far, imo.

— Dawson Riler

Hiya Jeff, I'm a huge fan of Wizardry 8, having played through it several times. Dug it out the other day, (spur of the moment kinda thing) and remembered that last time I had played it I had used the CC Mod. I had great fun. That was almost two years ago, and since then I've got a new PC and I needed to re-install the Mod. Came back to your site where I got it from last time (never forget a quality website) and noticed that the 2.0 had been released...

— Jack Bennett

Hi Jeff, I really like what you've done with your mod, I also have long felt that the game was a little bit unbalanced for a long time. I think your changes to damage spells were especially well deserved, direct damage magic just didn't hold up at all in the late game, especially on expert difficulty.

— Jacob

Wizards and Warriors Item Editor

You are my hero! the item editor has been so much fun to fiddle with.

— Liam

Might and Magic World of Xeen Monster Spawn Mod

Quite unexpectedly, this MOD the same author with the previous MODE as happened to the bears in the same spirit How else, I suggest you read the readme.

—, Featured [ Link » ]

First of all let me say : Thank you very much for your wonderful job. I played MM4/5 for a really long time... with your mod I see me back 25 years ago.

Secondly... As I'm french I would like to translate your mod in French. ...

Changing "suppress poison" and "suppress disease" and replace them by "cure curse" and "mental integrity" is really very good. In some case this spells are very useful, more than the two others that I never used after knowing the "phyrna root".

Changing the time for Shops, Training, walk outside,...... very good.

I already spoke about the "respawn" of the "small" monsters specially near Vertigo, but I was very suprized to see a Minotaur in the north west part of the map before I was strong enough against "it". Same, when you arrive for the first time in Sandcaster and when you see a Mystic Mage, a Wizard and a Sorceress, you have no chance to left alive.

Very good also to let Priest (Cleric) and Wizard use Missile Weapons. Maybe Robbers and/or Priest could use at least crossbow.

Wonderful to have the possibility to create Helmet, Shields, .....with Ruby, Emerald, .....

This Mod is a wonderful Idea, and I would like work with you for other mods on Xeen and, why not, another game using the interpretor of Xeen, or, at least, expand this world by adding more "maps". I think that adding just a row or a column, with one town and one or two dungeons, on the general map would be a funny thing.

— Zoltic, Accomplished coder and Might and Magic enthusiast

I just wanted to write you a quick note to say "Thank you!" for releasing the respawn mod for World of Xeen. I always found the game incredibly fun but I bit too easy. Since I've never completed the entire story, it's brought back a new passion to playing this (and other) games back into my life.

Thank you for all the effort in developing this mod. Although I've found a few respawn bugs in the Dwarf mines, it's only caused a few rage-quits which are acceptable.

Having a blast! Thanks again!

— J

Wow!! This game is really difficult to mod due to its age (Among other things) I'm a fan of it and bought it when GOG offered it. I'm going to try your mod right now. Thanks and congrats for the work!

— Antonio Robles