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Destiny of an Emperor

Destiny of an Emperor

Here's another RPG blast from the past. Arriving on the scene not much later than Final Fantasy 1, and not much earlier than Might and Magic 3, Destiny of an Emperor did something that other RPGs of the era did not do. It literally provided a cast of 200 characters, and your little ragtag army was sent to subdue your opposition, recruiting whoever would help you in your cause. But the fun part was this: after you had kicked the crap out of your enemy, you dragged him to his feet and told him, "We want you to fight for us, for the glory of the Han Dynasty." And you did your little happy dance when he said yes, because your army just got bigger and badder and you know how great that is in the RPG world.

This is what separated this RPG from all the other RPGs out there... you never had to play the game the same way twice, and there were any number of officer combinations which you could use to bring death and destruction to the enemies of the Han. This game may just have been my second favorite NES console game, after Final Fantasy.

Any game that I found myself playing as much as I have played Destiny of an Emperor leaves me asking at some point what I would do to make it better. The result of that brainstorming is this mod, Ludmeister's Remix, now currently version 2.0. The inspiration and hacking brain-power behind the mod is not mine alone, and I want to take the time to pay some serious kudos to other Destiny of an Emperor experts.


Credits and Appreciation— Great DoaE Resources

  • Ludmeister's Remix Verison 2.0 (let alone v3.0!) would not have been possible if not for the inspiration and expertise of many contributors over at LordYuanShu forums. MiDKnighT, especially, provided tons of hacking wizardry behind the changes to the tactics system, as well the added number of soldier progressions for officers that receive level ups. I'd like to thank Sonic Penguin for allowing me to use his officer portraits, DragonAtma for providing pixel art for the new DoaE font, LordYuanShu himself for providing the excellent forum, Niahak for continuing to make Destiny of an Editor ever more awesome, and Zhuge Liang for being a good motivators and excellent encourager. It's fun to hang around with a group of modders such as these folks who know a good game when they see it .
  • Speaking of LordYuanShu forums, anyone seeking to make their own Destiny of an Emperor mod needs to do themselves a favor and read the extensive Destiny of an Emperor Hacking Notes thread. Read, learn, and do. And contribute. They have an IPS patch for quickly integrating some popular fixes. It's also an exciting place to find other mods to play.
  • Nialak's Destiny of an Editor. This wonderful tool made editing the General's stats and faces much easier. You can find discussion on the editor, as well as download the current developmental version at LordYuanShu forums. You'll probably have to search near the end of the thread.
  • Meteorstrike. His discussions on hacking Destiny of an Emperor proved invaluable in getting my own hacking efforts off the ground. He figured out much of the damage calculation algorithm, at the hex level. He is the one who cracked the infamous item disappearing bug... and even found a way to exploit it in the player's favor! Thank you for your expertise and sharing it with the community, Meteorstrike.
  • James Pierce. He created a v2.0 mod for Destiny of an Emperor, and he also has some excellent pages on profiling all officers in the game. I deferred to his re-renderings of the Chinese names of the generals.

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Destiny of an Emperor is copyright 1989 by its creators, produced by Capcom Co. Inc. and Capcom U.S.A., and licensed by Nintendo of America.