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Destiny of an Emperor

Destiny of an Emperor— Ludmeister's Remix v2.0 Tactic List

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CategoryTactic NameSlotLevel/PriorityIntellectTP costTarget — Effect
Fire Flame12 / 16021 enemy— 150 Fire casualties
Fire Blaze111 / 21204All enemies— 300 Fire casualties
Fire Cremate126 / 317561 enemy— 4000 Fire casualties
Fire Inferno133 / 42207All enemies— 3200 Fire casualties
Damage Blades715 / 11606All enemies— 600 Physical casualties
Water Deluge26 / 1903All enemies— 160 Water casualties
Water Cascade214 / 213041 enemy— 720 Water casualties
Water Flood222 / 31656All enemies— 1500 Water casualties
Water Tsunami231 / 42258All enemies— 4000 Water casualties
Damage Cyclone735 / 324010All enemies— 6000 Physical casualties
Heal First Aid33 / 17521 ally— Heal 200 casualties
Heal Healing313 / 21254All allies— Heal 400 casualties
Heal Remedy320 / 31805All allies— Heal 2000 casualties
Heal Miracle332 / 42356All allies— Heal 8000 casualties
Heal Recovery425 / 321051 ally— Heal 25000 casualties
Defense Defense427 / 423010All allies— All damage is halved
Defense Smother55 / 11002All allies— All fire damage is halved
Defense Levee410 / 21502All allies— All water damage is halved
Defense Thwart530 / 324512All allies— Enemy tactics fail for a time
Defense Evade521 / 22107All allies— Enemy attacks fail for a time
Attack Castle44 / 1801Enemy leader— Affects enemy's defensive position within a fortress
Attack Doubt618 / 218531 enemy— Enemy officer loses turn(s)
Attack Mislead723 / 218051 enemy— Enemy officer may attack his allies
Buff Haste812 / 21506All allies— Chance of striking first within a round increases
Buff Negate624 / 42204Enemy leader— Removes enemy defense tactics, Doubt, Mislead, Haste and Zeal
Attack Behead836 / 3215161 enemy— Chance to remove officer's force completely from battle
Buff Zeal828 / 423820All allies— All attacks and damage tactics do double damage
Attack Ambush69 / 112021 enemy— One extra attack while effects last
Mobility Escape88 / 11001Enemy leader— Run away from battle
Mobility Return616 / 32105Enemy leader— Return to Liu Bei


  • Tactics which do Water damage require a water source (cave water will not do) to work.
  • Tactics such as Negate, Escape, Return, and Castle target the Enemy Leader. This means that the tactic user's Intellect is pitted against the Enemy leader's intellect in determining tactic success.

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Destiny of an Emperor is copyright 1989 by its creators, produced by Capcom Co. Inc. and Capcom U.S.A., and licensed by Nintendo of America.