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These downloads are original content by myself. If you wish to redistribute these files, that is fine; I would appreciate credit for my work and a link to my homepage (

  • The Christian Coder's Wizardry 8 Mod version 2.0 (11.2 MB) — This version of the mod adds a few items and spells for the sake of balance, and also modifies the characters and races a fair bit. Downloaded 6101 times
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  • The Christian Coder's Wizardry 8 Mod version 1.0 (466 KB) — This is my contribution to the Wizardry 8 modding community. If you would like a fresh Wizardry 8 experience, and have version 1.24, then please install this and enjoy! Downloaded 1113 times
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  • Wizardry 8 Info Spreadsheet (3.75 MB) — I have compiled all of the equipment info and maps into a printable spreadsheet (it is roughly 30 pages when printed). Sorry, no spell info is currently listed. It is formatted for print. Downloaded 1515 times

Wizardry 8 Mod- Log of modifications

March 2nd, 2012

  • I decided to do away with patching altogether for this mod. Make sure you've got v1.24, and then extract away, and Wiz8.exe will be updated to my modded version.

December 21st, 2010

  • Re-released the mod. The executable patch was buggy, but should be now fixed.
  • Edited a few locations to change the placement of a couple of items.
  • The Sword of Fire is now 1-handed.
  • The power of the Draining Cloud and Firestorm spells have been slightly increased, due to the fact that they are level 6 spells.
  • And, due to the fact that I can't leave well enough alone, there are a few subtle changes to the spell system and item list again.

December 2, 2010

  • Fixed a bug in version 2.0 where the Ring of Fire spell caused the game to crash.

November 28, 2010

  • In the excitement of opening the Wizardry spell book to the Bard, I forgot to give Bards access to the Wizardry spellbooks. This oversight has been fixed.

November 27, 2010

  • I managed to figure out how to edit many character-related variables that were hard-coded in the Wizardry 8 executable. There have been changes to class skills, beginning attributes, the experience curve, class-specific perks, and added a spellbook for the Bard (think Wizardry 7)!
  • Added a few items.
  • Changed the spells a bit. Mostly added a few single attack and cone-based attack spells. The Priest's Lightning spell is now Air-elemental.

August 20, 2007

  • Flamestryke pointed out that the Stinger sword was part of a special script, and that near the end of the game it could be given to the party. My mod would have had defeated the purpose of that exchange. Therefore, the Stinger has been taken away from Drazic, but Tantris still wields it. However, if you find out how to receive it late in the game, it is powered up for late game players. You can't just take it from Tantris as he wields it!

April 28, 2007

  • It has been pointed out to me that I should allow Slings to be combined into a Doubleshot Sling. The new version of my mod now available includes this change. To do this, a character must have 30 Artifacts.

March 15, 2007

  • Many item pictures were changed. I utilized many custom pictures from Stu's Mod.
  • Vendors' wares have changed. Perhaps most notably, Bela sells Wizardry 7 items and Fuzzfas sells trinkets and wards. Throwing weapons are more common at stores and arrows and other ammo is less common.
  • There are a number of new weapons and armor (something like forty new items). Many of the new weapons are crafted to do double damage against varying types of enemies.
  • Created some more wandering creatures to drop little items here and there. These include insane Higardi monks, macemen and desperados, and five flavors of independently violent Umpani and T'Rang. This offsets the fact that there are more items to buy, and those items tend to be a bit more expensive.
  • Speaking of more expensive, most of the items that can be invoked for magical effects (excluding the Stone of Life, potions and scrolls) are now imbued with unlimited charges. These items are either *much* more expensive, or they cast their spell at a lower power level, or both.
  • The first level Alchemy spell "Poison" has been added (it's back from Wizardry 7).
  • Many spells have had their effects changed. Most Direct Damage spells, especially those after the first 3 levels, are augmented, with increasing benefits in each spell level. Their minimum damage especially has been increased (Concussion went from 2-48 dmg/lvl to 20-50 dmg/lvl, Firestorm went from 2-8/lvl to 4-16/lvl, etc) This is to balance the end game where it seemed the only spells my casters could get anywhere with were debuff and instant death attacks (with 100+ in their school and 80+ in the corresponding element). Otherwise, why not just take six bashers who you know will do guaranteed damage with a chance to critical their opponent?
  • Heal Wounds, Heal All and Restoration heal slightly fewer HP/lvl, and Stamina and Rest All cost 1 SP/lvl less (since you can't earn Water skill for casting them).
  • Ascension peak creatures have slight chances to drop uber treasure (mostly the very strong demonic creatures and savant behemoths).
  • Priests and Gadgeteers can wear better armor (up to Plate Mail +3)! Bards are restricted from chain mail.
  • Priests and Monks are allowed to use short bows and some arrows (not Viper Arrows). Rogues are restricted from crossbows. Alchemists can use many light polearms. Psionics can use better daggers and whips. Gadgeteers can use some axes and light maces. (known issue... I cannot modify the actual character info to open those skills for your party... i'm waiting until that feature is implemented in the Cosmic Forge!)
  • Tantris T'Rang and Drazic have been given the Stinger Katana (as I think was intended)
  • The components for the Electroshocker, Demon-in-a-Box, and Watchdog Alarm can be found now.
  • The Doublestrike dagger can be created with a character who has Artifacts 20.
  • The Doubleshot Crossbow requires Artifacts 35 to create; and the Tripleshot Crossbow needs Artifacts 70. These items used to be only crafted via the Gadgeteer's Engineering skill.
  • A number of unique and boss-like opponents and allies have had their stats bolstered.

Monster reclassifications

  • Android - Dummies, Savant Guards and Orbs
  • Beast - Bats, Diremares, Frogs, Hogars, Juggernauts, Picuses, Rats, Swallowers and Unicorns
  • Demon - includes Djinn, Imps, and all Rapax
  • Dragon - Bela, Gazers and Scorchers
  • Elemental - any embodied element
  • Giant - Many bosses, Golems
  • Insect - Apuses, Beetles, Crabs, Mosquitos, Pedes, Spiders, Sprites and Wasps
  • Plant - Vines and Saplings/Guardians
  • Reptile - Crocs, Rynjin, Seekers and Snakes
  • Sea Monster - Depth Dweller and a well known mythological creature
  • Swimmer - Fish, Rays, Sharks and Squids
  • Undead - including Ghosts, Moraxes, floating Heads and Death Lords
  • Vapor - Slimes

Praise and Feedback for Wizardry 8 Christian Coder's mod

Admittedly, the only mods I've ever used were the Christian Coder mod for Wizardry 8 and Brawl Minus, so I'm somewhat inexperienced...but the former added a lot to the game, and the latter is an absolute blast.

— NeutralDrow, Answering "Does modding cheapen games? [ Link » ]

The only ones I've done so far are the faster monster movement and the Christian Coder mod. The first one is fine if you prefer phased combat. The second, I've never had problems with, and enjoy immensely.

— NeutralDrow [ Link » ]

OMG ur using christian coder's mod, arent u?

— HugoLuman [ Link » ]

There isn't much that I can contribute to your mod or the wizardry legacy other than my thanks and gratitude for a job well done.

I have played the Wizardry series for many years, from Wizardry 1 through to the trilogy of Wizardry 6, 7 and 8.

The game play of Wiz 8 was great, and I played it through many times before, but the mod that I have installed from your site, and efforts, has introduced another level of play and excitement that has renewed the game for me. I truly enjoy this Moded creation of the Wizardry world.

As I saw this mod and read the changes....the thought suddenly occurred to me.....Can I take it!?!? OHHH, this is so pretty!!!! *proclaims Sgt Sparkles*

Thank you for sharing this with the fans of Wizardry!

— Tasoan Steel

I love your mod.

— Troy Thomas

Jeff, thank you for the mod for Wizardry 8. I've just started experimenting with it, and most of the changes that you've documented (or I've noticed) are welcome. I've been playing Wiz8 for a long time, and have completed multiple games. I even have a web page offering import parties from Wiz7...

Since I wrote, I've had more time to use your mod, and I like it even more.

— Rich Franzen

Hello. Just wanted to say I downloaded your mod a few days ago, and I must say, so far it is quite enjoyable. The new spells are a blast! I almost wanted to create a party of four pure casters just to see them all, but decided on foregoing the Psionic. Having a five member team makes levelling easier, and the sixth character isn't really missed at all. So, they consist of a Fighter, Rogue, Valkyrie, Alchemist, and Mage. Throughout the Monastery area, my Mage kicked the most ass with Burning Hands. He had about 80 kills, all while my poor Fighter and Valk had around 15 or so. My team is currently at level 10 right now, and have just finished the Monastery and Arnika, so I'm still fairly at the start of the game. Deadly Poison is my favorite spell so far. I cast power level 1 on a foe in the distance, have everyone attack someone else, and let the poison do the work. The enemy is killed rapidly without a single swing from my characters. Love it! I like the updated item appearances too, my fav being the IUF Access Cards. I see a lot have been taken from the Might and Magic series. Having beaten the unmodified version of Wizardry 8 at least 10 times with just about every combo of party imaginable, this mod is quite different, and, overall, far more fun. The spells are the strongest point, so far, imo.

— Dawson Riler

Hiya Jeff, I'm a huge fan of Wizardry 8, having played through it several times. Dug it out the other day, (spur of the moment kinda thing) and remembered that last time I had played it I had used the CC Mod. I had great fun. That was almost two years ago, and since then I've got a new PC and I needed to re-install the Mod. Came back to your site where I got it from last time (never forget a quality website) and noticed that the 2.0 had been released...

— Jack Bennett

Hi Jeff, I really like what you've done with your mod, I also have long felt that the game was a little bit unbalanced for a long time. I think your changes to damage spells were especially well deserved, direct damage magic just didn't hold up at all in the late game, especially on expert difficulty.

— Jacob

Hosted resources that I did not create

This patch is the latest (and final) official patch from Sirtech- Canada. It is only offered here because the company is out of business. All credit for the patch is due to Sirtech-Canada.

  • Wizardry 8 v1.24 patch (3.71 MB) — A list of updates and bug fixes is included in the .zip file. Unzip the patch to your Wizardry 8 directory, overwriting any files. Downloaded 2515 times
  • Wizardry 8 Combat Accelerator (5.86 KB) — This little piece of software is supposed to increase the speed at which the AI thinks in combat. I have never used this, so I can't vouch for it. Go to Wolfie's info page to learn more. Credits are due to the unknown author who created this. Downloaded 600 times

External Links

These are links to download pages hosted elsewhere. I include these for the sake of convenience (yours, so you don't have to look elsewhere, and mine, so I don't have to deal with copyright and intellectual property issues!)

  • Madgod's Wizardry 6-7-8 editor— For those of you who wish to mastermind your own Wizardry reality, Madgod offers his editor free of charge. This link will take you to the editor's info page.
  • Wizardry Vault— This link will take you to the Wizardry Vault... it is a repository of resources for Wizardry 8, including other mods, save game editors, and more. Enjoy!