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Purposes and Aims

Dragon Quest 5 is fun for many of the same reasons that Destiny of an Emperor was so engaging: you can recruit many different characters at will, and assemble your own customized attack force. As the vanilla game stands however, the player's possiblities were hamstrung by the lateness of when certain recruitable monsters were encountered. In particular, the Ghost, Wax Murderer, Fat Rat were not encountered in Chapter 2, even though they were in Chapter 1!

For those that enjoy the monster training aspecs of Dragon Quest 5, this mod offers greater potential for putting together your winning party. Secondarily, it makes monsters easier to recruit, reducing the frustration in grinding to recruit your favorite potential team members. It also aims to give different monsters equipment which is better suited to their abilities and personalities. Enjoy!

Version 1.0 changelog

  • Numerous recruitable monsters are able to be recruited much earlier in the game, opening up many different party combinations. None of the recruitable monsters (with the exception of Rebjørn) require you to have beaten the game.
  • In chapter 3, there is a "Monster Island" where very nasty monsters can be encountered. This is a good place to level up, and a great place to recruit new monsters!
  • The odds of recruiting monsters are much better now. Less grinding is required to recruit your party. In recruiting your first of any particular monster, the chances to recruit it will be no greater than 1 in 16 (some were as rare as 1 in 256!)
  • Changed the item drop rate for many monsters. In particular, Mini Medals will be much easier to win in battles with Mimics/Canniboxes.
  • Equipment used by most monster classes, as well as Bianca and a few other characters is changed.
  • Many characters and monsters have different level up progressions for stats. Some are subtly tweaked, others more radically.
  • The Pip and Conk monsters are much more able to use their learned spells and abilities as they level up.
  • Liquid Metal Slimes and Metal Slimes do not run quite as often, and their Defense is reduced enough that extremely powerful characters stand a chance of knocking them down with normal blows.
  • Some of the weapons and armor have been edited, but nothing too major.
  • Monsters drop gold at an accelerated rate, due to the greater financial obligations you will have to outfit your new monster companions!

* Please note that this may not be an exhaustive changelog, as I lost my running log of changes as I was actually working on the mod.


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Installation instructions

The following applies this and all future releases of the Ludmeister's Monster Trainer Mod.

  • First of all, you will need to obtain a clean DS ROM of Dragon Quest 5: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. You will need the US version, ROM #3424. You are on your own for this step, as it is illegal to provide ROMs of copyrighted material. There are sites that do provide this ROM though, and you should be able to obtain it.
  • When you get it, make a backup of it if you would want to play the stock version, play another mod, or, in case I post an updated version of the mod here... I am not going to make version 1.0 to "version whatever" patches for my mods, for instance.
  • Download Ludmeister's Monster Trainer Mod.
  • Download Nintenlord's NUPS UPS patcher or other similar UPS utility. You will need it to apply the .ups patch found in the download.
  • Apply the .ups patch to your Dragon Quest 5 US ROM using the UPS patching program of your choice.
  • I hope you enjoy it!

Praise and Feedback for Dragon Quest 5 DS: Monster Trainer mod

Just tried your Draqon Quest 5 mod on DS and gotta say I LOVE it! Getting Metal Slime to my party from the cave where Zenithian sword lies was priceless :D Although this mod makes the game easier than it already was. More money and stronger monster from the get-go really shows the difference. But its still a fun game, on hands down the best DQ game ever. Cheers! Keep up the good work

— Mr H

Copyright notice

The content in this portion of the website pertains to "software" known as "Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride" (hereafter referred to as DQV-DS), which was created by Yuji Horii, and published by Square Enix. The mod is completely unofficial, and was an amateur fan-made undertaking. As such, any ROM representation of DQV-DS represents and remains the intellectual property of Yuji Horii and Square Enix, and under no circumstances will I distribute any ROMs of DQV-DS. The patch available for download solely modifies game data and does not meaningfully detract from or add to the characters represented or story told by Yuji Horii or Square Enix. It is a derivative work in the sense that it can exist on physical mediums and has no value on its own; it merely patches a US version of DQV-DS. The patch represents in its entirety my own work. It is offered totally free of charge, and I offer the patch in hopes that Square Enix will benefit from any additional publicity garnered from the patch.