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Ludmeister's Monster Spawn Mods— Items list

Base Weapons

Mod Weapon Name Equip type Cost Damage Proficient Classes
3/4/5Longsword1-hand2403 d 5Kni, Pal, Sam, Ran
3/4/5Rapier1-hand703 d 3Kni, Pal, Sam, Rob, Ran
3/4/5Broadsword1-hand4006 d 3Kni, Pal, Ran
3/4/5Stiletto1-hand1606 d 2Kni, Pal, Sam, Rob, Nin, Ran
3/4/5Cutlass1-hand402 d 5Kni, Pal, Sam, Rob, Ran
3/4/5Sabre1-hand1204 d 3Kni, Pal, Sam, Rob, Ran
3/4/5Bo Staff1-hand101 d 6All
3/4/5Hatchet1-hand503 d 3Kni, Pal, Rob, Bar, Ran
3/4/5Katana1-hand3204 d 4Kni, Pal, Sam, Nin
3/4/5Nunchukas1-hand1501 d 14Kni, Pal, Nin
3/4/5Wakizashi1-hand752 d 5Kni, Pal, Sam, Rob, Nin
3/4/5Dagger1-hand203 d 2No Pri, Bar
3/4/5Mace1-hand1003 d 4No Sam, Wiz, Nin
3/4/5Flail1-hand2502 d 8Kni, Pal, Pri, Bar
3/4/5Cudgel1-hand251 d 9No Sam, Wiz, Nin
3/4/5Maul1-hand3603 d 6Kni, Pal, Pri, Bar
3/4/5Spear1-hand2001 d 16Kni, Pal, Sam, Dru, Ran
3/4/5War Axe1-hand3204 d 5Kni, Pal, Bar, Ran
3/4/5Glaive2-hand3002 d 11Kni, Pal, Sam, Nin, Dru, Ran
3/4/5Nodachi2-hand10009 d 4Kni, Pal, Sam, Nin
3/4/5Pike2-hand6003 d 9Kni, Pal, Sam, Ran
3/4/5Flamberge2-hand8004 d 8Kni, Pal, Ran
3/4/5Halberd2-hand7205 d 6Kni, Pal, Bar
3/4/5Quarterstaff2-hand802 d 6All
3/4/5Warhammer2-hand2508 d 3Kni, Pal, Pri, Bar, Ran
3/4/5Naginata2-hand7003 d 9Kni, Pal, Sam, Nin
3/4/5Scythe2-hand4009 d 2Kni, Pal, Wiz, Dru, Ran
3/4/5Battleaxe2-hand5606 d 5Kni, Pal, Bar, Ran
3/4/5Poleaxe2-hand8006 d 6Kni, Pal, Bar
4/5Xeen Slayer Sword2-Hand---10 d 5All
3/4/5ShortbowRanged2003 d 5Kni, Pal, Sam, Pri, Rob, Nin, Dru, Ran
3/4/5LongbowRanged20005 d 8Kni, Pal, Sam, Ran
3/4/5CrossbowRanged8008 d 3Kni, Pal, Sam, Nin, Bar, Ran
3/4/5SlingRanged501 d 10All

Base Armor

Mod Armor Name Equip type Cost Armor Class Proficient Classes
3Stud JerkinTorso1505All but Wiz, Nin
4/5Studded JerkinTorso1505All but Wiz
3KimonoTorso3007Kni, Pal, Sam, Pri, Nin, Dru
3Chain MailTorso6009Kni, Pal, Sam, Pri, Bar, Ran
4/5Chain MailTorso6008Kni, Pal, Sam, Pri, Nin, Bar, Ran
3BreastplateTorso150012Kni, Pal, Sam, Pri, Ran
4/5BreastplateTorso150011Kni, Pal, Sam, Pri, Ran
3/4/5Plate MailTorso400015Kni, Pal, Sam
3/4/5BucklerOff-hand802No Wiz, Nin
3Round ShieldOff-Hand5004Kni, Pal, Sam, Pri, Bar, Ran
4/5Kite ShieldOff-hand12006Kni, Pal, Pri, Bar, Ran
3Tower ShieldOff-Hand20007Kni, Pal, Bar
3CowlHead2002* No Bar
3HelmetHead8005* Kni, Pal, Sam, Pri, Bar, Ran
4/5HelmetHead5005* Kni, Pal, Sam, Pri, Bar, Ran
3BootsLower Body601All
4/5BootsLower Body501All
3GreavesLower Body12006* Kni, Pal, Sam, Pri
4/5GreavesLower Body8006* Kni, Pal, Sam, Pri
4/5CloakBack2504* No Sam, Nin

* — This red asterisk represents Ludmeister's suggested equipment rules for these items. In fact, identifying these items in the Smithy yields these restrictions. Due to code limitations, the restrictions are not enforced. You're on your honor.


Mod Material Name Cost modifier To Hit bonus Damage modifier AC modifier
3/4/5Woodenx / 5-1-2-2
3/4/5Leatherx / 4-5-80
3/4/5Brassx / 23-1-1
3/4/5Bronze3x / 2011


Elemental enchantments

Mod Enchantment Name Element Cost modifier Damage modifier Resistance modifier
3/4/5BurningFire+ 1000+ 10+ 5
3/4/5FieryFire+ 1500+ 15+ 8
3/4/5PyricFire+ 2000+ 20+ 10
3/4/5FumingFire+ 3000+ 30+ 12
3/4/5FlamingFire+ 5000+ 50+ 20
3/4/5SeethingFire+ 8000+ 80+ 25
3/4/5BlazingFire+ 12500+ 125+ 33
3/4/5ScorchingFire+ 20000+ 200+ 50
3/4/5FlickeringElectricity+ 1000+ 10+ 5
3/4/5SparkingElectricity+ 1500+ 15+ 8
3/4/5StaticElectricity+ 2500+ 25+ 12
3/4/5FlashingElectricity+ 4000+ 40+ 15
3/4/5ShockingElectricity+ 6000+ 60+ 20
3/4/5ElectricElectricity+ 12500+ 125+ 25
3/4/5DynaElectricity+ 18000+ 180+ 40
3/4/5IcyCold+ 1000+ 10+ 5
3/4/5FrostCold+ 2000+ 20+ 10
3/4/5FreezingCold+ 4000+ 40+ 20
3/4/5ColdCold+ 7500+ 75+ 25
3/4/5CryoCold+ 15000+ 150+ 35
3/4/5AcidicAcid+ 1000+ 10+ 10
3/4/5VenemousAcid+ 2000+ 20+ 16
3/4/5PoisonousAcid+ 5000+ 50+ 24
3/4/5ToxicAcid+ 12000+ 120+ 36
3/4/5NoxiousAcid+ 25000+ 250+ 50
3/4/5GlowingEnergy+ 1000+ 10+ 5
3/4/5IncandescentEnergy+ 1500+ 15+ 8
3/4/5DenseEnergy+ 2000+ 20+ 12
3/4/5SonicEnergy+ 3000+ 30+ 15
3/4/5PowerEnergy+ 6000+ 60+ 10
3/4/5ThermalEnergy+ 10000+ 100+ 25
3/4/5RadiatingEnergy+ 16000+ 160+ 30
3/4/5KineticEnergy+ 24000+ 240+ 40
3/4/5MysticMagic+ 3000+ 30+ 8
3/4/5MagicalMagic+ 7500+ 75+ 15
3/4/5* EctoplasmicMagic+ 20000+ 200+ 30

* — The Red asterisk above indicates that in Ludmeister's World of Xeen Monster Spawn mod (but not the Isles of Terra mod), the applicable modifier to the item (whether Damage or Resistance) does not show up in the identification window. However, both weapons and armors have been tested with this enchantment and they do work.


Statistical enchantments

Mod Enchantment Name Cost modifier Statistic Modifier
3/4/5Might+ 200Might+ 2
3/4/5Strength+ 300Might+ 3
3/4/5Warrior+ 500Might+ 5
3/4/5Ogre+ 800Might+ 8
3/4/5Giant+ 1200Might+ 12
3/4/5Thunder+ 1700Might+ 17
3/4/5Force+ 2300Might+ 23
3Power+ 3000Might+ 30
3/4/5Dragon+ 3800Might+ 38
3/4/5Photon+ 4700Might+ 47
3/4/5Clever+ 200Intellect+ 2
3/4/5Mind+ 300Intellect+ 3
3/4/5Sage+ 500Intellect+ 5
3/4/5Thought+ 800Intellect+ 8
3/4/5Knowledge+ 1200Intellect+ 12
3/4/5Intellect+ 1700Intellect+ 17
3/4/5Wisdom+ 2300Intellect+ 23
3/4/5Genius+ 3000Intellect+ 30
3/4/5Buddy+ 200Personality+ 2
3/4/5Friendship+ 300Personality+ 3
3/4/5Charm+ 500Personality+ 5
3/4/5Personality+ 800Personality+ 8
3/4/5Charisma+ 1200Personality+ 12
3/4/5Leadership+ 1700Personality+ 17
3/4/5Ego+ 2300Personality+ 23
3/4/5Holy+ 3000Personality+ 30
3/4/5Quick+ 200Speed+ 2
3/4/5Swift+ 300Speed+ 3
3/4/5Fast+ 500Speed+ 5
3/4/5Rapid+ 800Speed+ 8
3/4/5Speed+ 1200Speed+ 12
3/4/5Wind+ 1700Speed+ 17
3/4/5Accelerator+ 2300Speed+ 23
3/4/5Velocity+ 3000Speed+ 30
3/4/5Sharp+ 300Accuracy+ 3
3/4/5Accurate+ 500Accuracy+ 5
3/4/5Marksman+ 1000Accuracy+ 10
3/4/5Precision+ 1500Accuracy+ 15
3/4/5True+ 2000Accuracy+ 20
3/4/5Exacto+ 3000Accuracy+ 30
3/4/5Clover+ 500Luck+ 5
3/4/5Chance+ 1000Luck+ 10
3/4/5Winners+ 1500Luck+ 15
3/4/5Lucky+ 2000Luck+ 20
3/4/5Gamblers+ 2500Luck+ 25
3/4/5Leprechauns+ 3000Luck+ 30
3/4/5Vigor+ 1000Maximum HP+ 10
3/4/5Health+ 2500Maximum HP+ 25
3/4/5Life+ 5000Maximum HP+ 50
3/4/5Troll+ 8000Maximum HP+ 80
3/4/5Vampiric+ 12500Maximum HP+ 125
3/4/5Spell+ 500Maximum SP+ 5
3/4/5Castors+ 1000Maximum SP+ 10
3/4/5Witch+ 2000Maximum SP+ 20
3/4/5Mage+ 4000Maximum SP+ 40
3/4/5Archmage+ 7000Maximum SP+ 70
3/4/5Arcane+ 10000Maximum SP+ 100
3/4/5Protection+ 300Armor Class+ 3
3/4/5Armored+ 500Armor Class+ 5
3/4/5Defender+ 800Armor Class+ 8
3/4/5Stealth+ 1200Armor Class+ 12
3/4/5Divine+ 1500Armor Class+ 15
3/4/5Mugger+ 500Thievery skill+ 5
3/4/5Burgler+ 800Thievery skill+ 8
3/4/5Looter+ 1200Thievery skill+ 12
3/4/5Brigand+ 1500Thievery skill+ 15
3/4/5Filch+ 2000Thievery skill+ 20
3/4/5Thief+ 2500Thievery skill+ 25
3/4/5Rogue+ 3000Thievery skill+ 30
3/4/5Plunder+ 3500Thievery skill+ 35
3/4/5Criminal+ 4200Thievery skill+ 42
3/4/5Pirate+ 5000Thievery skill+ 50

Copyright notice/disclaimer/placating remarks

World of Xeen was originally copyright 1993, by New World Computing, Inc. The rights to Might and Magic currently are owned by Ubisoft. The files provided on this site are provided in the hopes that World of Xeen can be further enjoyed by the active Might and Magic community. I do not intend to go into competition with Ubisoft, nor do I make a profit off of the Might and Magic name. If Ubisoft objects to the existance of these files on my site, I will remove them promptly.

I have not provided these mods in patch form, as the World of Xeen mod extensively modifies three files (DARK.CC, XEEN.CC, and XEEN.DAT), and the Isles of Terra mod extensively modifies two files (MM3.EXE and MM3.CC). These files contain intellectual property that was originally copyright 1991, 1992 and 1993 by New World Computing, and is currently held by Ubisoft. This is merely a convenience, and I do not claim any rights to NWC's/Ubisoft's intellectual property. As always, I have not provided my work for financial profit.