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Wizardry 1st Trilogy: Story of Llylgamyn for SNES— Characters

This page contains helpful information to use when creating your party. Attributes in these three Wizardry scenarios are based heavily on Dungeons and Dragons. Each has a minimum score of 3, and a maximum of 18. When raising a level, characters gain HP, and have a chance to either increase or decrease! their score in all six of their attributes. Lastly, if they are eligible to learn new spells, a check is made against the pertinent attribute (Piety for Priest spells, I.Q. for Mage spells) to see whether the character learned each one of the spells they are eligible to cast.

Racial attribute minimums

When characters are created, their race determines their attributes before you apply any bonus points that you have been awarded. You use those points to increase the correct attributes to open the class, or role, you want them to fill.

Later, you may decide to change a character's class. At the Training Grounds, you can change character's class if they have the attributes to open that class. Once they have changed classes, however, their attributes revert back to these racial minimums... with no bonus points to apply! Take care when doing this!


Attribute minimums required to open classes

Fighter11  8  
Mage 12    
Priest  12   
Thief    118
Bishop 10107  
Samurai98  10 
Lord10 811  
Ninja9   1110

Character Class properties

As far as I know, character class affects three things: what a character can and cannot use (will be detailed on the Items page later), if they can learn spells (and when they can learn them), how many swings they take per round of combat (a new feature available in my mod), and the HP total the character has. Additionally, each character gains levels at a different rate.

 Mage SpellsPriest Spells
Class# Attacks12345671234567
Fighter1 + (Lvl / 6)              
Mage1 + (Lvl / 10)135791113       
Priest1 + (Lvl / 8)       135791113
Thief1 + (Lvl / 4)              
Bishop1 + (Lvl / 8)1581114172024710131619
Samurai1 + (Lvl / 5)36912151821       
Lord1 + (Lvl / 6)       471013161922
Ninja2 + (Lvl / 5)              


 HP Experience needed to increase to Level...
ClassStartPer level 234567891011121313+
Fighter1011 7501898405872081191119019299974700573440114657179124280200+ 151700
Mage54 9002277486884391378821891344055379483929130915204405319800+ 172800
Priest87 10002530540992621504323811373525833290940141782221304346000+ 187000
Thief67 8002024432776171253519974314634926376929120065187534293400+ 158800
Bishop65 1250316367621131818179286094471769674108464168944263540412000+ 222500
Samurai147 1400354275721254920056314814912676464118954185204288825451400+ 243800
Lord189 1150291062211049616925266904177265139101457158083246652385600+ 208400
Ninja125 1600404886541419422565353195501785536132971206930322609504100+ 272300

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This software was subsequently translated into English by Gideon Zhi of Aeon Genesis Translations. Both my Rebalancing mod and the Japanese to English translation are completely unofficial, and both were amateur fan-driven projects. As a modder I respect the intellectual property of Sir-Tech, ASCII Corporation, Game Studio, Gung-Ho and Gideon Zhi of Aeon Genesis Translations, and under no circumstances will I distribute the ROMs for the SNES versions of Wizardry 1st Trilogy. The Rebalancing Mod patch available for download is a derivative work and is completely my own. It is offered totally free of charge. If Aeon Genesis Translations objects to my offering their Japanese to English patch here, I will promptly remove it from the mod download.