Spell Re-ordering

Changing spell order

Changing the order of spells in the game is a time and work intensive endeavor. Changing the spell table entries is only the tip of the iceberg… The Spell text and spell description text must be edited, and then there are these three pointer tables that merit concern.

If you’ve got no clue what I mean by “pointer”, you’ll be in trouble trying to understand this article. I briefly discuss FF1-DoS pointers here hopefully this explanation will get you up to speed.

Battle aura pointers

When changing spell order, note that certain duration spells in battle give characters an aura when active. These spells are specified with 57 pointers, starting at 0×07c2b4, which reference spells #3 through #59. Hence, due to program limitations, the first 2 [white] magic spells and the last 5 [black] spells cannot give characters an aura. Here are what each pointer means:

98c30708- Yellow aura (Protect, Protera) b0c30708- Multiple images (Blink) 94c40708- Yellow aura (NulShock)

20c40708- Flicker (Invis, Invisira) acc40708- Red aura (NulBlaze) c4c40708- Blue aura (NulFrost)

dcc40708- White-ish aura (NulDeath) f4c40708- ? aura (NulAll) 3cc50708- ? aura (Dispel)

24c50708- White aura (Slow, Slowra) 0cc50708- Pink aura (Haste) (NulDeath)

Otherwise, the pointer signifies that there is no aura associated with this spell.

Status screen effect pointers

Also, if a moved spell is usable from the status screen, you will likely need to change pointers located at 0×030510 and 0×0302e4. There are 51 pointers in each list, starting with the first white magic spell and ending with the 19th black magic spell (which is Teleport in stock FF1-DoS).

dc050308, b0030308- Cure spells

18070308, 20040308- Heal spells

fc070308, 70040308- Poisona

a4070308, 58040308- Life

1c080308, 88040308- Stona

3c080308, a6040308- Exit

c8070308, 58040308- Full-Life

46080308, a6040308- Teleport

58080308, c6040308- No effect

Status screen graphics pointers

There are 104 pointers, beginning at 0×03a6b0, which control the graphics of each spell when used in the status screen. After the first 64, I don’t know what they do, but the first 32 are the White magic spells, and the next 32 are for the Black magic spells.

50a80308- Cure 54a80308- Cura 58a80308- Curaga 5ca80308- Curaja

60a80308- Heal 64a80308- Healara 68a80308- Healaga 6ca80308- Life

70a80308- Full-Life 74a80308- Poisona 78a80308- Stona 7ca80308- Exit

80a80308- Teleport a8a80308- No Graphic


Date published: 2011-11-17

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