Enemy AI

Enemy Artificial “Intellgence”

Every enemy has, in its bestiary definition, a defined AI ID. Changing this does not actually have any discernable effect; I’m not sure why that byte is in the monster definition. I’m not arguing, because it provided me a clue as to how to find the following table: the AI IDs are found at 0×22f0b8 to 0×22f17a. This is a span of 195 bytes, so each monster gets exactly one byte. The bytes are listed in monster ID order, so you’ll need to refer back to the bestiary entry to get the listing for the various IDs.

It will be noted that the value 2c is plentiful. That’s because this value is set to “fight 100% of the time”.

AI Indices table, by Monster

To save you the trouble of figuring out what each ID refers to, I’ve got a handy-dandy chart showing the first monster to use each AI ID.

0×00 Winter Wolf Fire Lizard Basilisk Big Eyes
0×04 Deep Eyes Hellhound Ogre Mage Sand Worm
0×08 Evil Eye Death Eye Rakshasa Vampire
0×0c Vampire Lord Horned Devil White Dragon Red Dragon
0×10 Pyrolisk Fire Hydra Water Naga Spirit Naga
0×14 Chimera Rhyos Mindflayer Green Dragon
0×18 Blue Dragon Clay Golem Stone Golem Iron Golem
0×1c Death Knight Dark Wizard Dark Fighter Nightmare
0×20 Death Machine Manticore Lich Lich (Chaos)
0×24 Marilith Marilith (Chaos) Kraken Kraken (Chaos)
0×28 Tiamat Tiamat (Chaos) CHAOS Astos
0×2c —— Echidna Cerberus Ahriman
0×30 Scarmiglione (cloaked) Scarmiglione (undead) Cagnazzo Barbariccia
0×34 Rubicante Gilgamesh Omega Shin Ryuu
0×38 Atomos Typhon Orthros Phantom Train
0×3c Death Gaze Devil Wizard Holy Dragon Bloody Eye
0×40 Black Dragon Earth Plant Yamatano Orochi Dark Elemental
0×44 Prototype      

AI definitions

Table location: 0×22f17c0×22f5cb.

Data structure size: 16 bytes per AI entry.


AI Record Spell % Ability % Spell Queue FF Ability Queue FF
03— Big Eyes 00 80 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff 03 03 03 03 ff
06— Ogre Mage 40 00 04 26 22 2a 30 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
28— Tiamat 00 40 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff 11 10 0a 0b ff
29— Tiamat (Chaos) 40 40 32 30 2b 29 32 30 2b 29 ff 11 10 0a 0b ff

Decoding AI information

Spell % and Ability %

These values I’ve misnamed a bit, as they are not technically “percent” values. IIRC, the game first checks to see whether the monster casts a spell. A random number is rolled between 1 and 0×80, or 128, and if this number is less than the value stated in Spell %, then the next spell in the individual monster’s queue is cast.

If the monster didn’t cast a spell, then the game checks whether it used an ability. This is done in the same manner, using another number rolled between 1 and 128.

Of course, if the monster didn’t cast a spell and didn’t use an ability, then it will attack. And a 00 in these values guarantees that the monster will fail its check to use a spell or use an ability (depending on where the 0×80 is placed).

Spell Queue and Ability Queue

Each AI is allotted a queue of up to eight spells, and up to four monster abilities. A monster may be able to cast spells, use abilities, and some intrepid critters can even do both of these things.

The first time a monster uses a spell, the game picks the first spell in the queue, and that’s the monster’s action. The second time a monster casts a spell, the second spell is used. When it reaches the end of the list (denoted by ff), the list gets reused. Setting the Spell (or Ability) % to a non-zero number, and setting the Spell (or Ability) Queue to all ff‘s will very likely lead to Very Bad Things. Don’t do this, it isn’t nice.

For help in figuring out what values correspond to which Spells or Monster attacks, you’ll need to refer back to the Spells and Monster Attacks article. The IDs listed there for the Spells is accurate. The IDs for Monster Abilities listed in that page do not correspond to the values in the AI table. To calculate what the IDs should be in the Ability Queue, take the ID from the Spells and Monster Attacks article and subtract 0×41.


Date published: 2011-12-15

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  1. Can you tell me where to find Astos’ AI Record is, I can’t find it anywhere in the records. None of them match his spell queue, it seems.

    — Ethereal Embrace · Jan 7, 01:05 PM · #

  2. Ethereal Embrace, I believe I found Astos’ AI Record @ 0×22f42c0×22f43b. Here’s what it looks like:

    60 00 3634 2E29 2B28 2622 FF FFFF FFFF FF

    ludmeister · Jan 10, 07:08 AM · #