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Might and Magic 3 Isles of Terra

Might and Magic 3 Isles of Terra— Modding Resources

Of course, it goes without saying that since I reconstituted MM3.CC, with all 558 of its files by hand via debugger and hex editor, and not via a fool-proof algorithm, there is always the possibility of human error in the creation of these files. If you find a mistake, as always, please feel free to let me know what's wrong, and I'll see if I can fix it.

It should also be noted that you need your own MM3.CC and MM3.EXE to apply these patches... you need to have purchased MM3. In the event that you have purchased a different version (is there more than one version out there??) and want to utilize these patches, then feel free to contact me about your problem, and I'll provide a patch for your version.

Without further ado, here are Ludmeister's MM3 modding resources:

MM3.CC patch

This patch kit will remove the decryption/compression of your MM3.CC file, for the purposes of reading/studying/modifying game data.

MM3.EXE patch

This patch kit will remove the decryption of your MM3.exe file, and allow for the loading of a decrypted MM3.CC. A happy side effect of this conversion is that MM3 seems to run faster, as it does not have to decrypt data on the fly as it is loaded into memory. In addition, as of November 23rd, 2011, this patch provides two additional bugfixes:

  • Arena Experience bugfix— Arena awards its bonus properly (MM3 used to actually penalize experience if you had won more than 32 arena battles).
  • Damage resistance bugfix— This bug surfaces in the late-game when characters are hitting for tons of damage, and monsters have damage resistance. A 16-bit overflow occurs when multiplying out the resistance of the creature, resulting in far reduced damage. Damage is now calculated properly.

MM3.CC decrypted files

  • MM3.CC decrypted files (6.15 MB) — This download contains all the files that MM3.CC contains, decrypted by the method detailed above. Downloaded 480 times

This download is a .zip file containing two folders, each one containing all the files in a certain format. One folder contains the files named in a format compatible with Cedric's awesome Xeen-CC-Packer (d_#####.ccx), and also contains a dummy Xeen save game so that it can be repacked. The other folder contains the files in 0xhhhh-Filename.ext format in order to find pertinent data to what you are looking for more easily.

MM3.CC _default.sav files

  • MM3 Default Save files (100 KB) — This download contains all the files that a stock Might and Magic 3 default save game contains. The game starts out with this save game data. These files were taken directly from MM3.CC, from the reconstituted Save Game parts stored there. Downloaded 340 times
  • Important note #1: If you downloaded this prior to November 22nd, 2011, you need to either download this updated package, or
    • Rename MAZE35.DAT to MAZE36.DAT, and
    • Rename MAZE36.DAT to MAZE35.DAT.
  • Important note #2: Additionally, if you downloaded this prior to October 18th, 2011, you need to either download this updated package, or
    • Rename MAZE53.DAT to MAZE54.DAT, and
    • Rename MAZE54.DAT to MAZE53.DAT.
    I apologize for the error naming these files.

This download is a .zip file containing one folder which contains the files named in a format compatible with Cedric's Xeen-CC-Packer. The files MAZE.CHR, MAZE.PTY, and MAZE.NAM are named in "s_#####.ccx" format, and all the map data is in "MAZE##.DAT", "MAZE##.MOB", and "MAZE##.EVT" format. To repack, use the Xeen-CC-Packer, and find the _default.sav that it outputs (disregard the CC created). Then, you'll be able to divide the _default.sav file into four parts (don't make the parts larger than 65280, or 0xff00, bytes, or you'll risk borking MM3) and repack those files into MM3.CC.

As the patched MM3.exe looks for .BIN files instead of .MOB files, it will not work with savegames or an MM3.CC reconstituted in this manner. To make MM3.EXE be able to read modified save games, you will need to fire up your favorite hex editor, and edit three bytes in MM3.EXE, starting at 0x1cb4e, as follows:

0x1cb4e (unchanged)— 62696e ("bin" in ASCII)

0x1cb4e (modified)— 6d6f62 ("mob" in ASCII)

Effectively, this tells MM3 to look for .MOB files in the savegame rather than .BIN files.

MM3 Monster Viewer/Editor

  • MM3 Monster Editor (225 KB) — Contains the editor, a readme file, and a copy of unmodified MM3 monster data, as decrypted from MM3.CC. Downloaded 417 times

This download contains a folder with the MM3 monster data files, and a .NET application which will allow easy viewing/editing of MM3 monster statistics. You need to have .NET 3.5 installed on your machine for the editor to function. Instructions for use are in the readme file included.

One little notable piece of MM3 monster trivia that is not apparent from using this editor— you'll notice that three monsters (Wizard, Terminator, and Dragon Lord) have an attack damage base of 232. That's because the base damage is encoded as a mere byte... and 232 is e8 in hexidecimal. Presumably (I have not exhaustively ascertained this) whenever the MM3 engine sees e8, it assumes that e803 is intended, which in decimal is 1000. Thus you have the Wizard's damage: 1000 d 1, the Dragon Lord's 1000 d 1, and the Terminator's 1000 d 4 (as noted in the NWC-published MM3 cluebook).


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Copyright notice/disclaimer/placating remarks

MM3 was originally copyright 1991, by New World Computing, Inc. The rights to Might and Magic currently are owned by Ubisoft. The files provided on this site are provided in the hopes that MM3 can be further maintained by the active Might and Magic community. I do not intend to go into competition with Ubisoft, nor do I make a profit off of the Might and Magic name. If Ubisoft objects to the existance of these files on my site, I will remove them promptly.

These patches are obviously provided, freely, as is... without any warranty or guarantee that they will work for you on your particular system/configuration. When in doubt, make a backup. Modding is not a risk-free enterprise