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Might and Magic 7 is my personal vote for the best in the Might and Magic series. I've played them all (excepting MM1) and this was the best paced and engrossing offering in the series. There was always something to do, and the character development was done impeccably. Of course, character development is the most important part of a good CRPG, if you haven't noticed .

Well, I'm pretty late on to this scene. I don't intend to review the game at all, since it is well reviewed by a number of sources. Here are a couple of sources of Might and Magic 7 info:

The reason for this page is that I am releasing a mod for Might and Magic 7. The objectives that the mod addresses are, amazingly enough, character development and pacing. I attempt to make the best in the series even better, if that is possible.

Ludmeister's Might and Magic 7 Mod- Log of Modifications

Please note I updated this mod on March 21st, 2012.

You can purchase MM7 For Blood and Honor legally and DRM-free on

  • This version of Ludmeister's MM7 mod is compatible with Greyface's MM7 patch, v1.6.1. It is available on the downloads page as a convenience, and you can read about this patch here. It is very cool, trust me.
  • Many character classes have different stats, and have their skill trees modified. For more information, get the Skill Tree spreadsheet available from the downloads page. A couple of classes have actually changed names as well.
  • Attributes affect the power of character's differently. The change is negligible early on, but as attributes get higher, the bonus to hit, to damage and so on gets much larger. It is now actually a benefit to increase attributes past 50.
  • Racial base attributes have been tweaked slightly.
  • Almost all maps respawn monsters (and treasures!) fairly quickly. Many maps respawn every 3 months, and some every month. Harmondale castle respawns every 5 years, so it is fairly safe to stash items that you aren't using in the coffers there.
  • Monsters are about twice as tough on average. They do give a bit more experience per kill.
  • I toned down a couple of sound effects which were needlessly ear-piercing.
  • Weapons and armor are modified extensively. The more rare weapons are much more powerful. Artifacts and relics are, deservedly enough, pretty friggin' awesome.
  • Many items have been graphically reduced in size, allowing characters to carry more in their limited backpacks.
  • The spells were in many cases beefed up so as to keep pace with the changes made to weaponry.
  • Pascal (also known as asterix15 on some message boards) did a great job making the game a bit brighter, and I include his graphical work.
  • The original version of the mod included Pascal's modifications the locations of many of the skill trainers, and included MM8 shop animations. I have removed these to restore the flavor of the original MM7. It is still possible for eligible characters to learn Light and Dark magic spells before you officially choose your party's alignment.

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